Sunday, December 7, 2014

I want his ponytail…. and that dog

This is a Little Caesars commercial that was on tv a little while ago, bragging about their hot and ready pick up system. 

To start I just want to say that Little Caesars is a great company and the quality of their food is really great for the such low prices that they have. Anyways, I don't know what to think about this ad, but I do know that it is very odd and different. I do want to say though that the father in this ad has a really sweet pony tail, and I love their dog. I also think that their hot and ready system is a great idea, because who wants to wait for their pizza or have to call in ahead of time. I mean you just go there, pay five dollars, and then you got yourself a quality pizza for extremely cheap.

This advertisement has a few different types of advertising techniques that companies use to make you want to buy their product. First off, they use some weasel words in the ad, such as 'classic' when they are talking about their pizza. Also, they use words and phrases that we project our meanings onto, like 'fresh from scratch.' When anybody hears that they immediately think that the food must be better. They also use the magic ingredients technique when describing the dough and their deep dish pizza at the end of the commercial. Another technique that they use in this commercial is plain folks, it is just an ordinary family, a dad, a mom, their doggy, and a sister and brother who both play soccer. This makes any family think that Little Caesars is the place to be for them. This particular ad also has a humor appeal in it, I mean a pony tail wagging along with their dogs tail is always funny. These techniques used in this ad all make us want to buy their pizza.

Overall this ad is much different from other, but I liked it and Little Caesars did their job, because I remembered their commercial.

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  1. This ad is pretty funny, and that is an awesome ponytail I must say. I'd agree with you that Little Caesars did a good job making this commercial memorable, mainly because of the humor with the ponytail. This commercial also made me want a pizza from there because of the things like "fresh from scratch" and also like you said because their system makes it easy to get a pizza quickly that doesn't taste bad. Something I'd like to add after going to Little Caesars a few times, I recall seeing their "fresh from scratch" dough in plastic bags which probably means its not as fresh as what they want you to think it is.