Sunday, December 14, 2014

the swat team supports Pizza Hut

Here are some ads from Pizza Hut that portray about how each order is urgent. The SWAT team and some emergency doctors are on the back of the pizza hut delivery bike, to show that they treat each order like it's an emergency and they need to get there fast. I like this ad and think that it is pretty clever. Lots of Pizza places straight up tell you that their delivery is fast, but not Pizza hut. They make this funny ad that makes you infer that their delivery is fast and urgent.

The target audience here is really anyone who eats pizza and gets it delivered. This ad is pointless for someone who hates pizza and has no impact on them. And for people who pick up their pizza it might have a slight effect on them, they might think that since Pizza Hut delivers faster their pizza will be better, but that probably isn't going to happen. Considering all of this we can see that their target audience is people who get pizza delivered. The explicit message this ad is making is that waiting for pizza to come sucks. The implicit is that if you order with Pizza Hut you don't have to wait because they treat each delivery like it is an emergency. 

I think that the pictures of the ad are very visually appealing and make us think that their delivery is very fast. First off the background is all blurry and you can't even see what it is, and the flag on the pizza holder is pushed back and waving in the wind. Both of these things make the viewer think that the motorbike is going extremely fast and racing all over town to deliver pizza. Second, in the bottom picture with the doctors we can see the both of the doctors look very determined, and in our mind we connect determined with Pizza Hut. We also do this with the SWAT ad too. We know that everyone on the SWAT team is very heroic and even patriotic, so we connect Pizza Hut with being heroic and patriotic. We think these things all because of the people Pizza Hut chose to put on the motorbike with the driver. 

This ad fills people's physiological needs by telling them that it will all be ok, and their pizza will get their on time and faster than any other place can offer. People care a lot about pizza, and Pizza Hut reassures people that if you order from them it'll all be good. They also use the magic ingredients technique, because this ad makes it seem like they figured out some amazing new thing on how to deliver faster and this outs them above al of their competition. They also use the patriotism technique, by using SWAT team members, and make themselves come off as patriotic. They use the simple solutions technique too, they attack the problem of slow delivery by saying, "We figured out delivery and treat each one like an emergency." All of these techniques make Pizza Hut look very good in the eyes of the consumer. 

Here is another great gif of pizza before you go. 

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  1. Although I have never seen this commercial I agree with you about who the target audience is. The advertisers were clever the way they mixed a sense of urgency with physiological needs. I'm not sure I agree so much with the patrionism aspect of it. I think they were going more towards the heroic aspect if SWAT.