Wednesday, December 10, 2014

's Pizza

I found this Dominos ad while looking for something to blog about, and I really like it. It's clever and funny. It tells the story of how the pizza gets from the Dominos store to your house, but that's not all. The whole story is on some dominos. Like whaaaaaaaaat. 

Anything that is pun like I am immediately drawn to, and especially when it is having to do with pizza, so when I saw this I knew I had to write about it. On the dominos themselves it shows how the need for pizza becomes a call, the call becomes pizza, the hearing that pizza is coming is transferred to people you are with, the pizza then gets on its transportation, it runs over a few problems on the way, then the pizza boy gets some action, then some more problems, then pizza arrives at your house, the group hears that pizza is there, then pizza goes in the house, and then people are happy. Boy was that one long run on sentence, but I'm just happy these people received their pizza. I think it's kinda funny how it leaves out all the bad parts of getting pizza delivered, like paying (and especially tipping), waiting for the actual pizza to get to your house. Nonetheless I really like the ad, and the part where it just has the apostrophe s in the bottom right its pretty snazzy if I can say so myself. 

All of the things about this ad make people want to buy their pizza and their other food products. I think their target audience that there are shooting for with this ad are young adults or teens who are often at social gatherings and don't feel like cooking for those social gatherings. As you can see the people who ordered the pizza, are more than one person, making an explicit message that you should hang out with friends and buy some pizza. The implicit message for this ad is if you do hang out with your friends, but you don't order Dominos, then the gathering will suck. So, order Dominos pizza so you can have a good time. I think the color scheme is also very important in this ad. It is very dark blue around the edges and lights up in the middle so you can see the dominos. Seeing this I connect it to nighttime and that pizza should be ordered during the night, while you are with your friends of course. There is also a very big contrast with the writing in the bottom corner and the background. It is almost back down there and the white writing pops out a lot. It draws out attention to that and then our eyes are drawn to the bright red phone number down there. 

In this ad Dominos uses the association technique to make us associate their company with a good delivery system. It even says so in the bottom right corner under their phone number. Another big technique they use here is wit appeal, this ad is very witty and almost everyone goes, "ohhhhh I get it," after they see the ad. And, this is exactly what Dominos wants us to do, they want us to acknowledge the wittiness and then remember the ad, and I'm sure I will remember this a month from now. This ad also targets our need to feel safe, or more specifically the need to make sure our pizza is safe. People want to make sure that from the Dominos restaurant to their house, their pizza is going to be ok and in one beautifully delicious piece. well not one, like ten or something… depends on the size you get. Any ways people want to make sure that nothing happens to their pizza on the way and this ad satisfies this need in people. 

Lastly here is the link to a Key & Peele skit they did on their show, Key & Peele, I couldn't help but think of this skit once I saw this ad. It gets a little vulgar half way through, just thought I'd let you know.


     I hope Carlos finds his Claire one day ;*(        that's totally a tear. 

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