Saturday, November 29, 2014

DONATOS - aka genius ads

These are some ads from Donatos Pizza, a company stationed out of Ohio. Sadly, they only have about 200 locations and not any in Sacramento. Nonetheless, these ads are super awesome. 

First of all, I just want to congratulate the people at Donatos, because this is the greatest pizza ad that I have seen. I mean its people eating pizza off a billboard. At first glance I loved it, then I loved it even more when I realized that these are two separate ads, and the person from the Chaz and David Stone ads are eating the Donatos pizza. I hadn't heard of Donatos before, but after this ad I want their pizza really badly. 

This ad does all of the things that make the customer want to buy their pizza. First, it uses the word "new" which is a weasel word, when used here. When we hear new we think that it's some great new thing, like a pizza vending machine, but in this case hand tossed pizza has been around for many years and it's definitely not new. Second, the connotation of Donatos, makes me think Italian, and when anybody hears Italian pizza, they know it has to be good pizza, BECAUSE IT'S ITALIAN. Thirdly, the phrase hand tossed pizza has become much more powerful then it actually is. When people hear hand tossed they think the pizza is way better, but I mean what's so special about it being hand tossed, does it make it that much better, I don't think so, but maybe that's just me.

I don't really care about these things because of how awesome these things are, I want Donatos as soon as possible. I'm going to have to drive to LA just to get some. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MORE FUTURE… wait this is pointless

In this commercial Domino's releases their knew voice ordering technology with the app that is downloadable on iPhone and Android. To be honest I think that this is pointless. I mean Siri can do the exact same thing, so anyone with an iPhone 4s and up can do this, and have been able to for years now. Also, why is it a necessity that I need to do this, I can call a pizza place and talk to a real person just as easily. I downloaded this app just to see how it worked and it didn't change my perspective on it anymore. I tried to use the voice ordering and it got what I wanted wrong three times in a row.

Although I don't like the product, I think the ad is very clever and funny. It tells us exactly what the product is and in a funny way. Because I mean someone getting beat up over a game of pool is just hilarious (portraying sarcasm is hard when not in person, so this is here to help and say that was supposed to be sarcastic). Even though that laughing at the surfer dude for getting beat up is cruel, its pretty true that we do it. The first time I saw this commercial I was so confused because it has us in the dark the whole time until the end where it explains the concept of voice ordering. At first I thought this was a Samsung commercial making fun of iPhones and how their voice recognition is really bad, but when I saw what it was really about it made a lot more sense.

This ad appeals to the consumers needs in a couple of ways. First, the guy in the ad is an average guy and he does many different things in the ad. For example he surfs, camps, plays pool, and tries to cook. So anyone who does any of those things can identify themselves as him, and think, oh I should get that too. They use repetition in the ad too. They have this guy talking to his phone all the time, which is something that lots of people do nowadays. By showing this to us over and over again it makes us, again, identify ourselves as this guy and think that we need voice ordering. Also, they use word play to make things sound cool. For example they use the phrase 'voice ordering' because that just sounds so awesome. When I hear that it just makes me think of effortless and fun things happening, maybe that is just me though. Also, they named the guy you talk to Dom, which is like Domino's. It took me a while to realize that, but once I did I thought it was clever and cool.

Like I said before I don't like the concept to much, but I like the ad they made a lot. Maybe this is because their target audience was middle aged single men who have no ability to cook, but nonetheless the ad was funny and made me laugh a little.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I first saw this add while surfing Youtube, and me being an always hungry teenager thought, "Oh my God. YESSSSSS." This machine kneads the dough, makes a round crust, applies tomato sauce, adds toppings, and cooks the pizza all in under three minutes. This revolutionary invention was made by a company called A1 Concepts, and was implemented in Italy just last year. Everyone over there loved it and since we are Americans, we have to have it.

This add tailors to the consumers needs perfectly in a couple of ways. First, the lady showing us how the machine works is obviously used for a reason, she's a beautiful young woman who appeals to the male consumers and makes them want to support this idea even more. Second, they keep letting us know about how safe and sanitary it is. They use the power of repetition to make us see how the dough and all the ingredients are fresh and untouched by human hands. They say these things over and over again to make sure that we don't forget these important parts of their machine. Third, the idea itself makes me want to see this beautiful machine at work. Just writing about this makes me crave pizza and the thought of seeing my own pizza being made right in front of me is just amazing to think about. That might just be because I'm a fifteen year old boy who loves food, but that means the add is working. Finally, they have Italian music playing in the background of the video the whole time, which makes our brains think, "Oh this is from Italy, Italian pizza is really good, so this machine must make real Italian pizza that is always really good." That thinking is a faulty analogy, is exactly what the people who made this want us to do. They want to reinforce all the good things abut their product so we will want it more.

Even after knowing all of these tricks that they are using, I still want one of these futuristic machines in my neighborhood, just because of how awesome they are. I would like to personally thank the person who thought of this and hope many more amazing things like this happen in the future.

This is a wonderful time to be alive.