Friday, December 26, 2014

piping hot pizza

This was a Domino's Pizza print ad that was released all the way back in 2001. It is showing how their delivery is super fast, and will deliver a piping hot pizza to your door every time. The ides is that when you put down the pizza it is so hot that it will burn stuff! You might say, "That's insane and dangerous" but calm down it's only an ad. 

I like this ad a lot, it's clever and really simple. There is nothing crazy going on and there's no crazy message that you have to decipher from it. There are really simple colors in the picture and these colors make a big contrast. This contrast makes it pop out and draws your attention to the ad quickly. When you first see the ad you see the big black burn, and then the tiny writing that clarifies the whole ad. Then you look at their colorful logo because it pops out when among the other colors in the ad. The ad is very simple and straightforward, and I like it.

Like many other pizza ads this one uses wit appeal. You have to do a little bit of thinking to understand what Domino's is trying to say, and it is a little bit witty. They also use the simple solutions advertising technique. They are saying that if you order delivery from Domino's then you will get really really hot pizza delivered to your door, without you lifting a finger. The need to dominate is also very prominent in this ad. People want a company that destroys their competition, and this ad shows you many reasons on why Domino's is the company that trounces everyone else.


What’s the difference between a Mel Gibson movie and a pizza? Pizzas are good.
What do you call a sleeping pizza? a piZZZZZZa. 
Why did the man go into the pizza business? He wanted to make some dough. 
"Waiter, will my pizza be long?" "No sir, it will be round!" 
What is a dog’s favorite pizza? PUParonni! 

leaning tower of pizza, aha I get it

This is a punny Pizza Hut ad that has some sweet word play in it. This ad is pretty cool and funny, I personally love puns and things generally like that, so this ad appealed to me. If you still don't get the concept, the pizza is like the leaning tower of Pisa, but its PIZZA and not PISA. Super crazy right? Anyways I like the ad because it's clever and shows that Pizza Hut has a sense of humor.

I think the biggest common advertising technique used here is wit appeal. I chuckled when I first saw this ad because it was pretty witty and humorous, and that's what they were going for with this ad. Pizza Hut also is trying to satisfy our need for aesthetic sensation. Although the pizza in the picture doesn't look good at all, the whole picture looks very good and is satisfying to look at. They are also trying to fill our physiological needs with the many juicy pizzas in the ad.

I think the main goal of this ad is to have people associate Pizza Hut with Italy, because the real leaning tower is in Italy. They want to do this because Italy has the stereotype that all pizza from there is really good. I am by no means saying that that statement isn't true, because I've never had bad pizza I think, nonetheless pizza that is from Italy. Anyways, Pizza Hut tries to connect themselves with Italy by featuring a well known Italian thing, the tower, in their ad. They also say, "visit the Italian places" in the bottom right of the ad. This is really vague and I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I think that they are saying that all Pizza Hut restaurants are "italain places" and visit there to get some real Italian pizza.

Here is a comic that includes a pun about pizza. I laughed way to hard at this…

Sunday, December 14, 2014

the swat team supports Pizza Hut

Here are some ads from Pizza Hut that portray about how each order is urgent. The SWAT team and some emergency doctors are on the back of the pizza hut delivery bike, to show that they treat each order like it's an emergency and they need to get there fast. I like this ad and think that it is pretty clever. Lots of Pizza places straight up tell you that their delivery is fast, but not Pizza hut. They make this funny ad that makes you infer that their delivery is fast and urgent.

The target audience here is really anyone who eats pizza and gets it delivered. This ad is pointless for someone who hates pizza and has no impact on them. And for people who pick up their pizza it might have a slight effect on them, they might think that since Pizza Hut delivers faster their pizza will be better, but that probably isn't going to happen. Considering all of this we can see that their target audience is people who get pizza delivered. The explicit message this ad is making is that waiting for pizza to come sucks. The implicit is that if you order with Pizza Hut you don't have to wait because they treat each delivery like it is an emergency. 

I think that the pictures of the ad are very visually appealing and make us think that their delivery is very fast. First off the background is all blurry and you can't even see what it is, and the flag on the pizza holder is pushed back and waving in the wind. Both of these things make the viewer think that the motorbike is going extremely fast and racing all over town to deliver pizza. Second, in the bottom picture with the doctors we can see the both of the doctors look very determined, and in our mind we connect determined with Pizza Hut. We also do this with the SWAT ad too. We know that everyone on the SWAT team is very heroic and even patriotic, so we connect Pizza Hut with being heroic and patriotic. We think these things all because of the people Pizza Hut chose to put on the motorbike with the driver. 

This ad fills people's physiological needs by telling them that it will all be ok, and their pizza will get their on time and faster than any other place can offer. People care a lot about pizza, and Pizza Hut reassures people that if you order from them it'll all be good. They also use the magic ingredients technique, because this ad makes it seem like they figured out some amazing new thing on how to deliver faster and this outs them above al of their competition. They also use the patriotism technique, by using SWAT team members, and make themselves come off as patriotic. They use the simple solutions technique too, they attack the problem of slow delivery by saying, "We figured out delivery and treat each one like an emergency." All of these techniques make Pizza Hut look very good in the eyes of the consumer. 

Here is another great gif of pizza before you go. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

's Pizza

I found this Dominos ad while looking for something to blog about, and I really like it. It's clever and funny. It tells the story of how the pizza gets from the Dominos store to your house, but that's not all. The whole story is on some dominos. Like whaaaaaaaaat. 

Anything that is pun like I am immediately drawn to, and especially when it is having to do with pizza, so when I saw this I knew I had to write about it. On the dominos themselves it shows how the need for pizza becomes a call, the call becomes pizza, the hearing that pizza is coming is transferred to people you are with, the pizza then gets on its transportation, it runs over a few problems on the way, then the pizza boy gets some action, then some more problems, then pizza arrives at your house, the group hears that pizza is there, then pizza goes in the house, and then people are happy. Boy was that one long run on sentence, but I'm just happy these people received their pizza. I think it's kinda funny how it leaves out all the bad parts of getting pizza delivered, like paying (and especially tipping), waiting for the actual pizza to get to your house. Nonetheless I really like the ad, and the part where it just has the apostrophe s in the bottom right its pretty snazzy if I can say so myself. 

All of the things about this ad make people want to buy their pizza and their other food products. I think their target audience that there are shooting for with this ad are young adults or teens who are often at social gatherings and don't feel like cooking for those social gatherings. As you can see the people who ordered the pizza, are more than one person, making an explicit message that you should hang out with friends and buy some pizza. The implicit message for this ad is if you do hang out with your friends, but you don't order Dominos, then the gathering will suck. So, order Dominos pizza so you can have a good time. I think the color scheme is also very important in this ad. It is very dark blue around the edges and lights up in the middle so you can see the dominos. Seeing this I connect it to nighttime and that pizza should be ordered during the night, while you are with your friends of course. There is also a very big contrast with the writing in the bottom corner and the background. It is almost back down there and the white writing pops out a lot. It draws out attention to that and then our eyes are drawn to the bright red phone number down there. 

In this ad Dominos uses the association technique to make us associate their company with a good delivery system. It even says so in the bottom right corner under their phone number. Another big technique they use here is wit appeal, this ad is very witty and almost everyone goes, "ohhhhh I get it," after they see the ad. And, this is exactly what Dominos wants us to do, they want us to acknowledge the wittiness and then remember the ad, and I'm sure I will remember this a month from now. This ad also targets our need to feel safe, or more specifically the need to make sure our pizza is safe. People want to make sure that from the Dominos restaurant to their house, their pizza is going to be ok and in one beautifully delicious piece. well not one, like ten or something… depends on the size you get. Any ways people want to make sure that nothing happens to their pizza on the way and this ad satisfies this need in people. 

Lastly here is the link to a Key & Peele skit they did on their show, Key & Peele, I couldn't help but think of this skit once I saw this ad. It gets a little vulgar half way through, just thought I'd let you know.


     I hope Carlos finds his Claire one day ;*(        that's totally a tear. 

Monday, December 8, 2014


I was just on the internet yesterday when I saw another really really awesome Donatos billboard. If you didn't see my blog earlier about Donatos, then you should go check that out (don't even feel bad about that self plug). 

So if you can't see what is going on here, it's basically a huge pizza that has steam coming out of it. It might be a little hard to see in this picture, but it was the best one that I could find. This billboard is really creative and different, I have never seen anything like it and it is super great. I would even go far as saying that this billboard is as good as the other Donatos billboards, again go look at my older blog (still don't feel bad). I really like the pun that they put in there too, BIG on taste…. and the pizza is big, yeah. Not sure if that was intentional, but I like it.

This billboard uses a lot of common advertising techniques that make us want to buy their pizza. The billboard appeals to our aesthetic sensations because the beauty of this ad makes many people happy. You could also say that this ad uses avante garde to attract us, because it makes us feel that the pizza is ahead of all the other pizza places, because literally no other companies have ads like this. Again this billboard has the weasel word 'new' because when we hear that we think it's some crazy awesome new thing, but its really just hand tossed pizza that has been around for a while now. Wit appeal is also a technique used in this ad, the pizza is 'steaming' and that is new to most people for a billboard, which makes them think the pizza must be really good.

These techniques are used to make us want to buy Donatos pizza, and I have to say they worked. After seeing all of these very clever ads by Donatos, I want to see if their pizza is actually that good. Anyways, I will leave you with this gif of amazingness… I could watch this for hours.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I want his ponytail…. and that dog

This is a Little Caesars commercial that was on tv a little while ago, bragging about their hot and ready pick up system. 

To start I just want to say that Little Caesars is a great company and the quality of their food is really great for the such low prices that they have. Anyways, I don't know what to think about this ad, but I do know that it is very odd and different. I do want to say though that the father in this ad has a really sweet pony tail, and I love their dog. I also think that their hot and ready system is a great idea, because who wants to wait for their pizza or have to call in ahead of time. I mean you just go there, pay five dollars, and then you got yourself a quality pizza for extremely cheap.

This advertisement has a few different types of advertising techniques that companies use to make you want to buy their product. First off, they use some weasel words in the ad, such as 'classic' when they are talking about their pizza. Also, they use words and phrases that we project our meanings onto, like 'fresh from scratch.' When anybody hears that they immediately think that the food must be better. They also use the magic ingredients technique when describing the dough and their deep dish pizza at the end of the commercial. Another technique that they use in this commercial is plain folks, it is just an ordinary family, a dad, a mom, their doggy, and a sister and brother who both play soccer. This makes any family think that Little Caesars is the place to be for them. This particular ad also has a humor appeal in it, I mean a pony tail wagging along with their dogs tail is always funny. These techniques used in this ad all make us want to buy their pizza.

Overall this ad is much different from other, but I liked it and Little Caesars did their job, because I remembered their commercial.