Friday, December 26, 2014

leaning tower of pizza, aha I get it

This is a punny Pizza Hut ad that has some sweet word play in it. This ad is pretty cool and funny, I personally love puns and things generally like that, so this ad appealed to me. If you still don't get the concept, the pizza is like the leaning tower of Pisa, but its PIZZA and not PISA. Super crazy right? Anyways I like the ad because it's clever and shows that Pizza Hut has a sense of humor.

I think the biggest common advertising technique used here is wit appeal. I chuckled when I first saw this ad because it was pretty witty and humorous, and that's what they were going for with this ad. Pizza Hut also is trying to satisfy our need for aesthetic sensation. Although the pizza in the picture doesn't look good at all, the whole picture looks very good and is satisfying to look at. They are also trying to fill our physiological needs with the many juicy pizzas in the ad.

I think the main goal of this ad is to have people associate Pizza Hut with Italy, because the real leaning tower is in Italy. They want to do this because Italy has the stereotype that all pizza from there is really good. I am by no means saying that that statement isn't true, because I've never had bad pizza I think, nonetheless pizza that is from Italy. Anyways, Pizza Hut tries to connect themselves with Italy by featuring a well known Italian thing, the tower, in their ad. They also say, "visit the Italian places" in the bottom right of the ad. This is really vague and I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I think that they are saying that all Pizza Hut restaurants are "italain places" and visit there to get some real Italian pizza.

Here is a comic that includes a pun about pizza. I laughed way to hard at this…

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  1. Who knew Pizza Hut could be funny? I'd agree with you that this ad is funny Henry. When I first saw it I thought of the tower of Pisa, but I didn't notice that the reason they used it as a pun was because it was in Italy. I thought that was really creative of them to do. They made a funny ad that also was implying that Pizza Hut pizzas are like those from Italy, trying to match the stereotype that all Italian pizza's are good. Overall, I like the ad and that comic is pretty funny too.