Friday, January 9, 2015


This is a pretty new Little Caesars pizza commercial. Its super hilarious and I laugh every time I see it. The commercial is so random, I mean its just a family that go off the grid because of pizza, and then back onto the grid thanks to Little Caesars. The idea of the commercial is so ridiculous and funny that it makes it entertaining to watch. 

I think that the target audience for this commercial is families. They use a very stereotypical family, and you can see in the background,  how living room is very average and normal. They have the teenage girl that is obsessed with her phone, the mom who is embroidering something, the somewhat crazy dad, and finally the little boy on his Nintendo Ds. If their target audience was twenty one year old single guys, then the commercial would be completely different. It would be a twenty year old guy and not a family, his whole house would be different, and he maybe wouldn't go off the grid. The point is that the audience they target changes the whole commercial and is very important.

Some of the techniques that Little Caesars is using in this commercial are facts and figures, repetition, humor appeal, and plain folks. In this commercial they tie facts and figures to repetition, and use repetition to constantly repeat their facts and figures. After the family declares to go back on the grid they have a little catchy song that talks about their pizza, and in the song they have $5 four different times in like ten-seconds. They are trying to implant the idea that a pizza at Little Caesars is only $5, and they do this in almost every ad they have. I have to admit, they have done a pretty good job at that, because I personally know that and would guess that a lot of other people also know that. Little Caesars also uses humor appeal in this ad. This one pretty much explains itself, I mean I laugh so hard every single time I see this ad. Going off the grid in the first place is such a funny concept, so when they go off because a pizza place made things to complicated. I don't know this commercial is just ridiculous and random. Finally, the commercial is using plain folks to draw you in. Like I talked about earlier it uses a very stereotypically average family to make people identify their family with that one. Their family is most likely not like the one in the commercial, because not your every day family will go off the grid at the snap of a finger.

Anyway, this commercial is hilarious and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. 

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  1. I really like this commercial. It's just so stupid that it's funny. Why wouldn't the mom mention Little Caesar's before they went off the grid? It makes no sense, but that's why it's great. I agree that they used repetition a lot so the audience would remember the commercial. Seeing $5 and the cheesy pizza definitely made me want to go get pizza. Overall, it's a good ad.