Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PASTA… from pizza hut

This Pizza Hut ad was put out a while ago by them advertising their pasta. I didn't even know that Pizza Hut had pasta, so I guess that they aren't doing a very good job getting their product out there. Anyway, I think this ad is really cool and creative. The cord to the phone is a piece of pasta and there is some steam coming off of it. "Pasta. Now Delivered." Is right next to the steaming cord in some super fancy font.

I think that the target audience for this ad is pretty narrow. Pizza Hut is aiming for people who buy their pasta, and that's basically it. The word 'now' insinuates that pasta being delivered in new, and so this means this ad was a reveal for their new ways. By now delivering pasta they are making it even easier for the consumers that purchase their pasta.

The setting of this ad is really cool and it's very visually appealing to look at. The white and yellowish on red contrast with the telephone really pops out at you and is nice to look at. They also darken the screen around the edges so that the telephone is the center of attention and everything else is secondary. Looking at the pasta cord and steam makes me want some pasta because it looks very deliciously tasty. You only notice the Pizza Hut logo after everything else and it is very minimal, probably to not take away from everything else.

This ad tries to satisfy people's need for aesthetic sensations and our physiological needs. The aesthetic sensations is pretty straight forward, they just made the picture look really good. They did a great job at this and it definitely makes me crave some pasta. They try to satisfy our physiological needs so we will see this and go, "give me that food and let me devour it." They do a good job of this here by making the pasta strand such a big part of the ad and making it look so good.

They do a lot of things in this ad to make us want to purchase their pasta and pizza. They use wit appeal to entertain their consumers and distract them from the quality of their pasta, which I imagine is pretty bad. They are also using snob appeal by making the lettering super fancy and Italian looking, when in reality you are buying Pizza Hut pasta and not caviar. Finally they use diversion by making it look good to distract people from quality. They also use the stereotype of Italian pizza and pasta ALWAYS being good, and try to sell their product by connecting themselves with that with the fancy font.

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  1. I agree with you about everything and am very surprised that you didn't know that they had pasta. I love their pasta, whenever i am at a potluck i see it and grab it because it is super good. I saw the phone and it was very weird to me because it was very square and clean, it was very perfect, a little too perfect for me. I think that the way the screen darkens is a way for people to look at it and gradually work their way down to the logo, which didn't really stick out unless you look at the background first.