Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anthony's Pizza and Pasta

This is a billboard for Anthony's pizza, and their pizza has never sucked. They are a company with about a dozen restaurants nation wide, most in Colorado. They claim to be the only chain in Colorado that serve good New York style pizza. They pride themselves on having the same good family friendly environment since 1984. The billboard is very simple and is basically just writing with a logo right next to it. It is telling you that their pizza is good, and always has been. But in a sassy way. 

The billboard is so different and there are basically non other like it out there, so when I first read the words it made me laugh a little. It wasn't because it surprised me because it's nothing bad it is just so different from everything else. They don't really have a target audience here. Just people who can read and like pizza. They also claim to be have real New York style people, which is probably a little scarce in Denver, so I imagine that is one of their big selling points. 

One of the common advertising techniques used here is association. They try to associate themselves with real New York style pizza in order to sell their product. They want to be connected to that because the stereotype of New York style pizza is that it is good. They also use magic ingredients in this billboard. Most companies say that they have a groundbreaking new thing that is awesome, but Anthony's claims to have always had that awesome thing and have never changed it. They cater to our physiological needs to make us want to buy their pizza. And, finally they use some weasel words in this billboard. The word real is one because is there really something else than real NY style pizza? I might be wrong here by saying this, but I don't think that is really a thing. 

Anyways here is a mesmerizing gif of pizza. Have fun. 


  1. When I read the picture of the billboard I immediately thought, do other pizza companies change their recipes? I've never heard of it but according to this billboard if they do, they must suck. This board is pretty simple. I feel like drivers going down the road would be mesmerized by the words as they drive down the road and that isn't safe. But I guess oh well. I think they use the world "Real" because other pizza companies claim to have NY style pizza, but they are trying to actually prove that it is the same as NY pizza. I think the use of white words on the red backround was used for it to pop out so no one would miss it as they drive by!

  2. i like how these people stray from the norm. most ads would say it has always been good. advertisers tend to stay away from negative words, such as "sucked". Anthony's pizza thinks out of the box however. their idea is along the same line as round table. they have the last honest pizza. it is real pizza, made the same way as it was originally.